Who are the MaiarPixPeople  ?

A collection of 6,000 unique NFTs living on the Elrond Blockchain🌱⚡

Cosmopolitans🧔🏿👩🏽‍🦰👱🏻‍ may have different backgrounds, ideas, and cultures,
but they all want to build a better world with friendship, respect & love for each other ❤️

If you do believe in the love of each other, join forces with the cosmopolitans and help them set up their Cosmo world 🌍.


A collection of 6.000 unique NFTs born on the Elrond Blockchain.

6000 NFT

total giveways to Cosmopolitans holders
(9 drops)

Passive Income

of the passive income generated will be distributed to the Cosmopolitan Holders.


of the royalties will be donated to the UNICEF association.


Q2 2022
Kick-off the Cosmopolitan World 🚀

We plan to create the nicest community on the Elrond Network called the Cosmo World 🌍

🟢 Launch Twitter, Instagram, Discord and website 
🟢 1st Presale at 0.1 eGLD
🟠 Mint & Sell drop #1 the first 600 Cosmopolitans for 0.3 eGLD 🛒
⚪️ $1.000 giveway among all Cosmopolitans holders 🎁

⚪️ Mint and Sell drop 🛒

  • #2 for 0.4 EGLD
  • #3 for 0.5 EGLD
  • #4 for 0.6 EGLD
  • #5 for 0.65 EGLD
  • #6 for 0.7 EGLD
  • #7 for 0.75 EGLD
  • #8 for 0.8 EGLD
  • #9 for ? EGLD
🎁 $5.000 giveaway among Cosmopolitans holders after each drop is sold out.
$41.000 total giveaway after the 9th drop is sold out.

600 Cosmopolitans will be reserved by the team for giveaways, partnership, marketing, or other purposes.

Q3 2022
The MaiarPixPeople DAO - LKMEX Distribution ⚡
To support the Elrond Network, our community and UNICEF, we will set up regular LKMEX distribution to all Cosmopolitan Owners (according to the number of the NFTs being hold) as a passive income.


💰 50% of the mint revenue & royalties will be sent to the DAO wallet to farm LKMEX for the Cosmopolitan holders.

↪ 50% of farmed LKMEX will be reinvested in more farming, the other 50% will be sent to the holders every month.


💰 25% of the royalties will be donated to the UNICEF association.

The rest will be deposited into MaiarPixPeople Treasury and will contribute to the expansion of the community (publicity, communication, giveaways, …).

Q1 2023

The project has great prospects, but we will have to be patient. A new roadmap will be released, letting everyone know what we planned for the future of the project.



Blockchain Developer


Partnerships & Contracts


Web developer


Digital Artist


Social media manager

Show your support

Surely without love and support from MaiarPixPeople members, our team will not be able to achieve its goals.
You can help support the project simply by :

  • Holding your nicely Cosmopolitan in your wallet
  • Like and retweet MairPixPeople Twitter posts
  • Be engaged on MaiarPixPeople Discord channel and Twitter
  • Making your favorite Cosmopolitan your profile picture on Twitter, Discord, or any other social platform !

Doing the above could help spread the word of this awesome community which directly helps with the development of the project in the best possible way!

Peace & Love ! ☮️❤️ ​


Who are the MaiarPixPeople ?

A collection of 6,000 unique Cosmopolitan NFTs  living on the Elrond Blockchain that ambitions to connect the real world with the metaverse


🎁 Twitter & Instagram giveaways (with eGLD & NFTs)
🎁 $1.000 giveaway after the 1st drop is sold out
🎁 $5.000 giveaway after each other drop is sold out
🎁 $41.000 total giveaway after the 9th drop is sold out 

How can I buy my Cosmopolitans ?

The mint of the Cosmopolitans will start on May 21, at 10AM UTC on Trust Market. Make sure to join our Discord server for more information about this.


How much does a Cosmopolitan cost?

We’ll have multiple drops.

The price for the first drop will be 0.3 eGLD and will increase with each round.

To which charity will the fund be donated ?

We have decided to dedicate 25% of the royalties for a nonprofit organization called UNICEF.  Donations will be used to save children’s lives, to defend their rights and to help them realize their potential all over the world 💖🙏🌍




What are the perks of getting a Cosmopolitan ?

As a Cosmopolitan Holder you’ll be part of the strongest community on the Elrond Network. We’ll distribute 50% of the passive income generated by the community to the Cosmopolitan Holders. 

Why Elrond Network ?

We chose the Elrond Network to build our platform on for a few important reasons : security 🛡️, speed (15000 tps), costs ($0.001 per transaction), carbon-negative 🌱, user experience.

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